BetterWMF 7.51

Manages copied and pasted drawings in AutoCAD
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The utility solves AutoCAD issues with "copy" and "paste" actions. It accesses the files in the exchange buffer and preserves their integrity during a transfer to third-party packages. The client works as a standalone program or is integrated with the current copy of AutoCAD.

BetterWMF is a smart software program that lets users who own an AutoCAD program to copy their drawings to other software packages, such as Microsoft Office documents. By using BetterWMF, the pictures are inserted without common issues, like unwanted borders or image scalability.

The installation process is simple to complete and goes very smoothly. Once it's over, you get in contact with a basic UI, comprised of a main menu tab and a work area - filled with various customizations -. The buttons, the font style and the background seem outdated, but the menu responsiveness is pleasing.

The program's functions allow you, as a user, to perform AutoCAD operations that otherwise would be difficult to complete.
You are able to easily copy and paste images from AutoCAD, thus resulting in a nicely resized drawing with no blank spaces around the borders.
Another issue that can be solved with BetterWMF is the situation where printing the image makes all the lines become thinner.

To sum it up, BetterWMF is a nice software tool for users who use AutoCAD. It manages to fix common issues among AutoCAD users, making the work of engineers and designers easier. Still, despite its low use of system resources and embedded functions, the price seems quite expensive.

John Saunders
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  • Offers good menu responsiveness
  • Removes blanks spaces
  • Has a low use of system resources


  • Has an expensive price tag
  • Has an outdated UI
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